Buhari failed to pay attention to my warning, and listed ways to get out of the recession.


Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar lamented Sunday that President Muhammadu Buhari did not pay attention to the warning, eventually driving the country into another recession.

Nigeria is in its second recession in five years, according to Nigeria's National Statistical Office.

However, Atticu said that for the second time in five years, it was with a very heavy heart that Nigeria was confirmed to have entered another recession.

"My heart is heavy. Because if this administration had paid attention to patriotic advice given by myself and other Nigerians, it would have been able to reduce the cost of governance, save for rainy days, and avoid huge borrowing.

"Yes, the COVID19 pandemic has already exacerbated the bad situation, but we could have avoided this fate through restrained and careful management of our economy," he said.

Buhari's administration, he is required, said they must act now by and possibly painful action.

Atticu first said that the 2021 budget bill, which was presented to the National Assembly on Tuesday, October 8, 2020, is no longer checked because Nigeria also does not need resources or such lavish heavy budget execution.

"The country was broke, though broke. However, if we continue to spend lavishly, even if we don't earn corresponding money, we will go from poor to poor.

He even thinks he's an alternative president. Stupid. A illiterate like you should bet and go and rest. Nigeria can never rule. Just make sure of this.

Almost every country in the world is suffering from economic difficulties and even recession. Britain is in it, too. What was your advice about England they didn't receive? What was your advice about America they didn't receive? Atticu, the niggers are smarter than you. You're politically finished.


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